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jeffKids on the Cape Guidebook was launched in 1993, when owners, Mary & Jeff Heth moved to Cape Cod from San Francisco. When visiting the Cape with their two toddlers, they were constantly looking for a source for information on "what to do with kids" on Cape Cod. There were so many guidebooks for Cape Cod, but none gave information specifically for families traveling with children. Thus, the idea of Kids on the Cape was born.

Kids on the Cape Guidebook has become the "bible" for families visiting the Cape. The focus of the guide is on family activities--- whale watching, kids theater, family
fishing, places to eat, etc. There is no parenting advice in these pages! Just ideas to make a family vacation

Kids on the Cape was the first project for the Heths. Their business, Sandcastle Publishing now publishes another more marygeneral interest guidebook, : The Guidebook Cape Cod, for a more general interest audience. Sandcastle Publishing also produces a map of the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a Map of Nantucket, as well as brochure design and distribution.


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